About Us


IGIHE LTD is at the forefront of promoting the usage of ICT in the Rwandan media landscape; for instance, we facilitate our audience to access fast and reliable news through the internet. We inspire Rwandan youth to work hard to achieve their dreams.


IGIHE LTD aims to be the best media group & IT company in the Great Lakes region and across the African continent .


IGIHE Ltd is a registered independent media & IT company in Rwanda with numerous “IGIHE” brands in the electronic, digital and print media.

IGIHE LTD was established in 2009 by young entrepreneurs and started operating with its premier brand, www.igihe.com. This was a pioneer online news outlet that has built a reputable media brand. The latter revolutionized the Rwandan media platform.

Currently, IGIHE LTD has a variety of online media platform such as the English version of IGIHE http://en.igihe.com , French version of IGIHE http://fr.igihe.com and Kirundi version of IGIHE http://igihe.bi.

In addition, we operate www.igihe.tv (an online TV portal for live streaming and on demand videos) which we co-own in partnership with Holy Multimedia under Free Media Networks. Moreover, IGIHE has an entertainment website http://igiheshowbiz.com and http://igiherealestate.com .

We also provide a variety of additional services to our esteemed clients, primarily internet solutions such as; website Content development, Website design and maintenance, Online advertisements just to mention a few.