Embracing Cogebanque Prepaid Card -The Virtual Wallet

On 25 September 2017 at 09:35

Cogebanque introduced MasterCard prepaid cards in December 2016. Currently, Cogebanque branches are sales points where customers (Cogebanque and Non-Cogebanque) can apply for Cogebanque Prepaid cards.

MasterCard prepaid is a convenient virtual wallet for all your limited expenses of your family. Below are some advantages of Cogebanque MasterCard prepaid card:

• Accessible to all (Cogebanque and non-Cogebanque customers),
• No need of a bank account, available instantly at all Cogebanque branches,
• Your money is accessible 24/7 and a validity of 3 years.
• Can be used to make payment in more than 36 million locations world wide
• Can be used to withdrawal cash on ATM

As one the leading commercial banks in Rwanda, Cogebanque is committed to bringing more people into the formal financial system. This is done by using technology to create financial products and services that are tailored to the needs of underserved or financially excluded segments of Rwanda population.

In this regard, from Monday 25th September 2017; Cogebanque will run an educative and selling campaign on MasterCard prepaid card product in key institutions such as government agencies, universities, schools, etc.

This campaign will also help to increase awareness of MasterCard prepaid card to different categories of individuals such as teachers, researchers, apps developers, IT professionals and related fields.

MasterCard prepaid card allows users to manage their finances by eliminating the need to carry cash, while enjoying the convenience of shopping at MasterCard-enabled physical or online retail points.

For parents who have children studying in boarding schools or abroad, they can buy and give loaded MasterCard prepaid to their children. In case the child needs money, the parent can reload the card at any Cogebanque branch. There is no need to have the physical card. Only the card number of the MasterCard prepaid card to be loaded will be needed. Using MasterCard prepaid will help to educate children on how to manage their periodical financials. Government agencies and corporate bodies can use prepaid card to load travel allowances allocated to their staff and they can use it to buy different goods or services wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Mr. Yvon Gilbert Nishimwe, Head of E-Banking and Card Business at Cogebanque said that Cogebanque is committed to ensure that Rwanda achieves a cash-lite economy by 2020. In this regard, more products and services that allow customers to transact electronically will unveil in the near future.

We invite all smart people (Cogebanque customers and non-customers) to claim their prepaid card at our nearest branches and start enjoying the service while making Simple and making possible payment in over 36 million merchants’ outlets worldwide and 1 million ATM machines visibly display MasterCard.

The prepaid card now available at all nearest branches of Cogebanque