Kigali Marriott showcases Belgian cuisine

On 4 December 2017 at 05:44

Mouth-watering Belgian delicacies were the star of the show this weekend, thanks to an exchange between Kigali Marriott Hotel and a Belgian school, CVO Provincie Antwerpen & Exchange VZW.

Dennis Cornelis, a teacher from the school and experienced chef for over 20 years, is coaching local chefs in Kigali on preparing Belgian dishes. Over the weekend, Cornelis worked with Kigali Marriott’s chefs to prepare and showcase Belgian dishes.

Speaking to IGIHE at Kigali Marriott on Sunday, Cornelis said, “I am here to teach Rwandese chefs about Belgian traditional cuisine and serve various Belgian dishes to customers. We like to create a vision for a five-year exchange project to introduce Belgian cuisine in Rwanda.”

The Belgian Cuisine Journey event at the Kigali Marriott took place from Saturday to Sunday and saw a large turn up including high ranking officials from the Belgian embassy in Kigali.

“Belgium has the best strawberries, chocolates and beers in the world. We have all sorts of flavours, and you can taste a number of them in just one dish. We have many traditional Belgian dishes. I highly recommend Flemish beef stew with brown beer,” said Cornelis.

He said Belgian cuisine is similar to other European cuisines, especially French “but we have special products that they do not use in France. I want to tell Rwandese chefs that the most important thing about food is ‘taste’. Always pay enough attention to the taste of your food. If the taste is good, the rest follows.”

Pablo Alonso, Kigali Marriott’s Director of Sales and Marketing, said, as an international hotel chain, Marriott showcases different tastes to provide customers with many international options.

“This chef (Cornelis) is around for 10 days to train local chefs. After showcasing the cuisine, we will incorporate elements into our Soko Restaurant. Marriott is currently offering three themed dinners every week: Indian dinner on Wednesday, Asian dinner on Thursday and African dinner on Friday. We also have authentic Italian cuisine in our Cucina Restaurant,” he said.

Alonso added that the hotel remains focused on offering the best service to ensure that customers are satisfied beyond their expectations with a memorable experience at the five-star hotel.

Kigali Marriott Hotel opened last year and has since acquired different accolades for its unparalleled service.

Belgian beers were also available at the Belgian Cuisine Journey event at Kigali Marriott Hotel last weekend
Belgian cuisine attracted a number of Kigali dwellers to taste the delicacies at Kigali Marriott Hotel on Saturday
Chef Cornelis (left) and Kigali Marriott's Executive Chef, Eduardo Frausto Cornish
Kigali Marriott has professional chefs for various types of cuisines and has an exchange project project with a Belgian school on producing Belgian cuisine
Main course of the Belgian cuisine showcased at kigali Marriott Hotel last weekend
Mushrooms were prepared as part of Belgian cuisine
Traditional Belgian cuisine uses various fresh vegetables among other items
Various salads were prepared as part of Belgian cuisine showcased at Kigali Marriott over the weekend