2013 Can be Start of Road to Hillywood

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On 28 January 2013 saa 04:08
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Our new edition is near, and we are excited about what’s to be expected of our 9th anniversary, it’s indeed great news for local filmmakers.

Our chosen theme is quite a subject for Rwanda, something that has been in play for the past decade.

The role of women in Rwanda has been a guideline for the rest of the world, a model that every other country out there is willing to adopt and fully intergrate within their system.

From governance, to gender equality promotion, Rwanda has the driving city on the rainbow train and we are still on the road and reaching farther.

As a culture event, a unique rendezvous for filmmakers in Rwanda, across the African continent and other part of the world, RFF is yet putting another Oscar of pride in Rwanda women’s baskets, by celebrating their greatness through cinema and other cultural event around the festival.

"Our Mothers, Our Heroes" is a challenge for local filmmakers, a call for action, tell your stories, say thank you mama through a film, documentary, action, and feature, experimental… we’re open to all medium.

Though the celebration of women goes beyond the hills of Rwanda, our focus on local filmmakers is particular because we want them to realize how much, the RFF is and shall serve as their first medium of reaching a wide range of Rwanda’s filmgoers.

This year, our Hillywood program will go beyond simple screenings, by involving dialogue between filmmakers and the audience, an occasion for them to exchange and know what should be expected from each other.

Each and every one of us is at the helm of the creation of a film industry in Rwanda.

We have a lot to offer, great landscape, a dynamic folk and of course our safe haven for business can be turned into a safe haven for film production.

Before we can get more of the international production, it is to us to make the first step by developing our own voice and invite the world to share it with us.

The start might be hard, but that is what it takes for any great achievement, hardness is no stranger.

As a platform for filmmaker, RFF doesn’t want to just screen films; we are evolving beyond that by bringing more to the public and local filmmakers.

Through exchange with international and other local professionals, workshops in various fields (lighting, camera and film editing), but most importantly a panel on how we can build our own industry, create an audience for own films, tell our own stories, and build something that will attract a much board audience both in Rwanda and other part of the world.

The RFF invites you all to grab your cameras, go and produce something, express yourself.

All medium are welcome, even for some great stories, project yet not finished can also be shown during the festival.

We are also encouraging filmmakers to work on shorts, as there will be a lot of open possibilities for them, from simple online streaming, to public screening in local cafes and bars, hotels as well as in and out going international flights from Rwanda.

We are working to build both a space for filmmakers at same time educate an audience by opening them to a new wave of upcoming masters of film in Rwanda, thus involving all possible medium of accessibility to all is one of the main focus of RFF and this edition will be like no other, so come an be part of the change, celebrate and be celebrated at HIllywood.

Submission is now open, you can do that directly online until the end of April by visiting our website at: www.rwandafilmfestival.net