Cultural nourishment as Inganzo Arts stages art exhibition, poetry

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On 19 July 2017 saa 10:00
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An art exhibition accompanied by recitals of Rwandan poems and proverbs is awaited between 22nd July to the 22nd of August. It will take place in the the afternoons from 2pm at Inganzo Art Center in Masaka.

A couple of artists as well as poets are preparing this event dubbed “Ubugeni Bugema Umugani”. They’ve had in mind for a while to showcase their art pieces. They also have a plan to strengthen the art of Rwanda proverbs.

The artists portraying their pieces will consist of Uwase Crista, Epa Binamungu and the renowned poet Jean de Dieu Nsanzabera..

During a discussion held with the media recently, Epa Binamungu, founder of Inganzo Arts Center revealed the event will be mainly to display the culture and mostly to bring back the practice of Rwandan poetry.

Those who will attend the exhibition will admire the work of distinctive artists, purposely painted to flourish Rwandan traditional culture and transmit this to the youth, especially the exquisite practice of proverbs that has been forgotten by many over the years.

“As we know, many people forgot some of what makes our traditional culture such as the reciting of proverbs mostly among the youth."