Birding Safaris Ltd facilitates Avi-Tourism in Rwanda

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Birding Safaris Ltd is a specialist safari operator based in Kigali-Rwanda and has different satellite offices in Kampala (Uganda), the Nairobi (Kenya) and Bujumbura (Burundi) aimed at facilitating everyone to enjoy watching different species of birds in nature.

The background of Birding Safaris Ltd

Birding Safaris Ltd is the company started in 2008 in the Volcanoes Mountains of the Virunga Landscape during one of the frequent trips that the Founder Mr. Kirenga Kamugisha used to take as a Safari Guide while working for one of the largest Tour Operators in the region.

He never relented on learning more about the experience that most Tourists wanted whenever he had the chance. His dream was to start up a Safari Company one day that would serve special interest groups like Birding enthusiasts, Business safari travelers, Domestic Tourists and Nature lovers.

The company’s goal is to operate professionally and tap into this niche market of birding, special interest groups and domestic tourism where the market is still virgin.
He (Kirenga) thinks that there is a possibility of diversifying Rwanda’s tourism products through promoting Bird watching, Cultural tours to mention but a few and this can be done through both Domestic and International tourists.

To achieve this goal, the company has established cross-border/overseas partnership with regional and international Tour Operators/Agents who will be able to leverage on Birding Safaris’ African experience to send tourists via the company.

More about Kirenga the Founder of Birding Safaris Ltd.

Kirenga is the President of Rwanda Safaris Guides Association and a Director of Birding Safaris Ltd.
He is also a Training Officer in Rwanda Birding Association and a member of Africa Birding Club.

Services offered by Birding Safaris Ltd.

With word ‘Tourism’many Rwandans understand visiting Gorillas that is why Mr Kamugisha Kirenga decided to promote Birdwatching (Avi-tourism) as another sector to explore in Rwandan tourism and in East African Community.

He further explains that nothing is better than wandering in the nature and observing the world’s nicest creatures with unique behaviors, colors and sounds that will leave unforgettable memories. As the saying goes "Memories are the greatest treasures that can’t be stolen from you".

He encourages each and everyone to enjoy birdwatching in Rwanda at different sites such as Rugezi, Akagera, Nyungwe, Bugesera and Virunga and in Kigali itself.

In Rwanda you can find over 750 species of birds.
Akagera offers the highest concentration of Bird species per Unit area.
Nyungwe Forest hosts 24 out of the 28 Albertine endemics.

Birding Safaris Ltd also offers Gorilla Tracking and Golden Monkeys, Mountain Climbing, Nature walks in the Volcanoes National Park plus Chimp tracking and Canopy walkway in Nyungwe.

Birding Safaris Ltd will also help Rwandans cross the Borders and explore the region. "We will put together packages that will take you to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Burundi, South Sudan, Ethiopia and enjoy the National Parks, Beaches, Adventure, Cultural Sites and birdwatching plus many more" Says Kirenga.

Birding Safaris Ltd operate in partnership with locally-based Companies in EAC to ensure Quality and Professional services.

Why emphasizing on Birdwatching?

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE, He explains how Diversification of Rwanda’s tourism products will Forster economic development through creation of Jobs for the youths. We encourage the Youths both male and female to join the industry and train for the Guiding career.

Birdwatching is one of the products that make tourists extend their stay in a particular destination. Birders will spend 7-14 days in the country while it takes a day or two to track the Mountain Gorillas.


Birding Safari Ltd is a Rwandan registered Tour Company and a Member of Rwanda Tours and Travel Association (RTTA) based in Kigali town opposite CHICK Commercial Buildings.

Po.Box 6004 Kigali-Rwanda. Tel: +250788354730 +250788305212

E-mail: [email protected] [email protected] or you can visit their Website

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Kirenga Kamugisha, the Founder of Birding Safaris Ltd