CNBC Launches in Rwanda

Published by IGIHE Reporter
On 16 November 2012 saa 06:19
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CNBC is launching its office at Kigali Serena Hotel tonight November 16. This makes Rwanda as the 9th host of CNBC on its fast expanding footprint on the continent.

Currently CNBC in Africa is headquartered in South Africa; it is also operational in West Africa and East Africa.

In 2012, CNBC will be operation in Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda and Mauritius among others.

Mr. Rakesh Wahi(above) told IGIHE that CNBC is the emerging Pan African Television Network that seeks to tell the positive side of the continents Economic achievements and closing the existing gaps in Media reporting.

“We aim at spreading to allover 48 sub-Saharan countries. CNBC will collect information on Economics of these countries and package it for Television, print and online mediums,” He said.

Mr. Wahi is the Founder of - CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa, ABN Productions, ABN Training Institute, ABN Newswire Services, ABN Pictures, ABN Education Trust, Transnational Education, Murdoch University Dubai, Ananya Farms and Tech One Global.

He closely oversees the management, operations and strategic growth of all these ventures. His core focus is on long term corporate development through building strong management teams.

With over Rands 250 million of Investment on the African continent, Mr. Wahi says his focus remains on start-up ventures in media, telecoms, IT, Technology and education.

Wahi who is Chairman of ABN (Africa Business News- the company which established CNBC-Africa) told IGIHE that he is Rwanda for the launch but wants to explore investment opportunities available in Rwanda.

“Iam looking at setting up additional university in East Africa in addition to Murdoch University in Dubai.Also iam looking at possibilities of establishing a research center in Rwanda,” He said adding that Africa needs a functional centralized research center.

Wahi noted that Rwanda is preferred to host the headquarters of the research center.