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West African Traders Worried About Mali War
Published on 16-01-2013 - at 02:56'

Traders within the west African sub region are expressing worry about the likelihood of a prolonged military conflict in Mali.

According to them, the crisis in that landlocked country is already affecting the volume of trade between the sea ports and Bamako.

Reports say transport business has also been significantly affected.

ECOWAS countries are sending over three thousand troops to support France which has already begun aerial bombardment of rebel targets.

Army chiefs in the sub region are optimistic the conflict won’t last but Ziad Hamoui, President of Borders Alliance, a private sector coalition of Trading Companies across West Africa fears this could compound their problems.

“Any obstacle to trade and transport in the region is of concern to us. The flow of trade not only from Ghana alone but also from other countries to Mali which is a landlocked country [is important to us].

“...So far the volume of trade has reduced but the transport itself has not been affected,” he stated.

He said the Alliance is in talks with Malian colleagues in transport and logistics to find an effective way forward.




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