Rwandans in Houston Texas Contribute US$20,000 to Agaciro Fund

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On 28 January 2013 saa 02:14
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This weekend the Rwandan Community in Houston Texas joined the other communities in United states to launch the Agaciro Development Fund.

This was organized by the Rwandese leaving in Houston in conjunction with the Embassy of Rwanda in Washington DC.

Like other Rwandan communities in the United States, Houston community believe that being part of the Agaciro Development Fund is one of the ways Rwandans will have a sense of self-worth and dignity.

The overwhelming event was able to raise a target of US$20,000 and was able to collect US$10,000 on the first day of the launch from the members of the community that were present.

It was mentioned by the community members that this is one of the initiatives that makes us feel part of the development in our country.

Dr. Masozera said , “we are proud of Rwanda’s current leadership led by President Paul Kagame and we see the initiative as a great step to fast track and own the development our country.”

Another community leader Esprance said, “We want to be part of the people that improved the level of financial autonomy of Rwanda as a Nation.”

The Fund is financed by voluntary contributions from Rwandan citizens in Rwanda, Rwandan citizens abroad, private companies and Friends of Rwanda, which will contribute to key priority projects for the Nation as identified by Vision2020.

The Agaciro phenomenon continues to take shape as more Communities around the United States come together after the official launch in Rwanda.