MINEACOM to enhance assistance for SME’s to overcoming market challenges

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On 14 July 2017 saa 12:48
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The Ministry of Trade, Industry and East African Community Affairs “MINEACOM” has announced that it will enhance assistance for SME’s to overcome some of the market challenges that the face.

Honorable Minister Francois Kanimba made the disclosure during the opening of a one-day fifth SME’s forum convened in Kigali, that attracted all stakeholders including private and public, civil society and SME’s.

The main aim is to discuss the main challenges facing SME’s, which include limited access to finance and management of resources lack of access to markets and market information among the others.

Amiel Sezikeye one of the fisherman at Lake Burera disclosed that disorganization is one of the challenges since some illegally fish at night and at times steal their equipment.

“As we seek a positive mindset towards ‘made in Rwanda’ products, SME’s need to produce quality products. This can be achieved if they have good business plans financial institutions will not hesitate to provide them with loans,” Minister Francois pointed out

Those involved in tailoring and other SME’s also said that market competition from less expensive products from neighboring economies is one of the challenges faced since they import the raw materials from outside the country.

The Minister also reminded everyone that the final products have to prove to be high-quality products in response to those challenges.

The forum is expected to play an important role as catalysts for the operational and structural change of the stakeholders with the purpose of building strong and dynamic SMEs industry in Rwanda.

It presents a timely opportunity for productive dialogue on how to use existing efforts to meet today’s SMEs challenges while helping the SMEs to generate the much-needed jobs and exports.