7,469 university students sponsored, 10,026 miss out

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On 29 August 2016 saa 11:41
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Rwanda Education Board (REB) has announced that 7,469 have been granted bursary to attend the 2016/2017 academic year at the University of Rwanda. Over 10,000 did not get sponsorships for various reasons.

Offering the students’ loans was based on three main criteria; scored marks take 40%, course to be studied at the university at 40% and Ubudehe category take the remaining 20% out the total 100%.

Students in science courses are supposed to get 60% while students from other courses have to get 46% out of the three criteria.

Desire Gacinya, head of scholarships department at REB has said that Ubudehe categories created arguments which pushed them to apply the new criteria.

“Some students would think Ubudehe categorization was the major yardstick for offering the bursaries. As we made reforms, we realized that Ubudehe category has to get a certain percentage among other criteria considered to offer the bursary. This is where a clever student from the first category with high marks going to study options needed by the government gets priority,” he said.

“For instance a student in the first category with 20 out of 20 and 40 out of 40 in the percentage of scored marks in senior six exam is bound to obtaining the bursary,” he added.

The Director of Rwanda education Board (REB), Janvier Gasana has said that the new policy of loan delivery will help to put much emphasis on students’ performance in class other than Ubudehe category.

“It means brightness will be prioritized and be matched with Ubudehe category,” he said.

“The first valued thing is student’s capacity of learning and scoring better marks. Others are considered later to increase chances of gaining the bursary.That is why we made such classification so that no poor student is left out over poverty while he/she is clever,” he added.

REB says that only 150 didn’t get bursary as they are in the Ubudehe category of rich people while others didn’t get the bursary over marks related reasons or having not fulfilled requirements.

REB says that determining the number of students to be sponsored is based on available budget . The number of sponsored students this year dropped to 7,469 from 12,000 last year.

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The Director of Rwanda education Board (REB), Janvier Gasana