African Leadership University in orientation ahead of 2017 launch

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 18 November 2016 saa 08:30
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With six months remaining to launch its branch in Rwanda, the African Leadership University (ALU) has started orienting potential students and parents to its teaching methodology.

Based in Mauritius, its branch in Rwanda will be the second in Africa expected to substantially boost quality education and equip its graduates with job-relevant and leadership skills.

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE yesterday evening on the sidelines of the orientation event, held at Kigali Heights, Veda Sunassee, the Director of Student Life in Mauritius campus who will be the head of ALU Rwanda campus, revealed that the university will launch in Rwanda in May 2017 to provide Rwandans with right skills for job market.

The curriculum will have similar course units with those in Cambridge of Massachusetts in United States.

Vedas explained that the orientation process is meant to explain to stakeholders how higher education should be delivered to meet job market requirements.

ALU Rwanda campus will operate on the second floor of the newly constructed building of Kigali Heights.

“Our programs at ALU are designed around bridging skills’ gaps. We will bring our innovative program and any model that will enable us to teach Rwandan youth that applied to join our university to learn important skills that employers from across the continent have identified as very essential. For that I believe we will be able to empower Rwandan youth with the right skills to join the market force and become very productive ,” he added.

Veda explained that ALU has very high academic standards, lecturers with experience in professional corporate world from some of the World’s best universities like Harvard and Massachusetts.

He unveiled that bringing ALU to Rwanda will not only benefit students but also nationals who will be hired and trained to work as facilitators in courses of ALU Rwanda programs.

Rwanda as a perfect place to establish the university

Talking on the motive of bringing ALU to Rwanda, Veda said “Rwanda has proven to be extremely welcoming and innovative in the way it is thinking about revolutionizing higher education. We believe that it is a perfect place for us to bring operations,” he said.

Courses like engineering will last four years and 3 years for social sciences.

Veda said that the university will receive students with good academic performance and having demonstrated contribution to their communities.

He explained that they have come up with a very innovative financing model, called Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) which will help to make education available to people with limited financial means to attend the university.

“We have a financial aid program to assess students’ ability to pay and how much they can contribute to their learning and can obtain the rest through a cost sharing agreement,” he said.

Stakeholders speak out

According to Lea Umurerwa studying electrical engineering at ALU in Mauritius, the university’s coming to Rwanda signifies a great impact to Rwandans since students will benefit from high quality education with competitive skills.

“ALU provides leadership, and entrepreneurial management and problem solving,” she said.

“We think we can compete at the labor market. I am currently interning at Tigo Rwanda in digital marketing while other colleagues are working with banks, Rwanda Online and RDB among other institutions. We complete courses with long standing experience since we study eight months and have four months of internship each year. So graduates are already integrated into the corporate world,” she added.

Annick La Reine Shimwa another student at ALU in Mauritius explained that ALU staff enhance social interactive skills and follow up students individually and respect cultural diversity.

Dushime Jonathan who has already registered online says he is glad to be equipped with leadership skills.

According to Umutangana Marie Aime Jacqueline, a mother of a student at ALU in Mauritius says she has seen growth of her daughter’s intellectual capacity and social interactive skills since she joined the university.

“My daughter went to study at ALU after Gashora Girls School. She was not interactive enough but we saw big changes as she returned home for internship. She is sharp with extremely improved social interactive skills emanating from acquired diversified education. She has become innovative to the extent that we saw her organizing an event bringing students together to demonstrate various artistic talents.”
ALU will be the 33rd university in Rwanda.

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Veda Sunassee, the Director of Student Life in Mauritius campus who will be the head of ALU Rwanda campus
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Annick La Reine Shimwa, a student at ALU in Mauritius

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Umutangana Marie Aime Jacqueline, a mother of a student at ALU in Mauritius

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Participants pay attention as they receive explanations of how courses are offered at ALU during the orientation event yesterday

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Interested students getting assistance of online application at African Leadership University

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ALU staff bringing students on board of applied teaching methodology