Automatic promotion compromises quality of education—teachers

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On 6 October 2016 saa 10:03
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The Ministry of Education adopted a policy that ensures access to education for all that involves automatic promotion to the next class which teachers have decried as a practice that compromises the quality education as learners do not put in extra efforts in mastering any given subject.

On the other hand, MINEDUC says teachers should carry out continuous assessment to overcome the episodic challenges learners might have encountered as hindrances to their performance.

In discussion held yesterday at Dove Hotel during the International Teachers’ Day, some teachers were of the view that the system of automatic promotion should be revisited in the spirit of assuring quality education.

“MINEDUC and other education stakeholders should revise the pactice of automatic promotion of learners since it encourages them to relax, being assured of promotion. This kills the spirit of competition, ” observed one teacher.

Another teacher observed that some pupils have become so undisciplined to the extent of beating teachers. “They have become naughty. Teachers no longer have control over them. Many put on clothes mismatching and in total defiance of school uniform requirements,” lamented another teacher.

Commenting on teachers’ claims, the Minister of Education Dr Papias Musafiri Malimba told teachers that the program is adopted to allow access to education for children unlike the past during the colonial rule where few selected pupils would be promoted.

Talking on pupils’ laxity, Musafiri said; “Some developments can’t be restricted. We can’t bar children from using technology but you as teachers you should reform teaching methodology. We must be contemporary teachers though we learned through old pedagogical methodologies,” he counseled.

On misbehavior among pupils, Dr. Musafiri said that charity begins at home; noting that some parents and guardians have forfeited their parental responsibilities.

He urged teachers on professionalism and working ethically in the process of imparting knowledge.

The state minister in charge of TVET, Rwamukwaya Olivier told teachers that scored marks should not be the basis for a pupil to be promoted to the next level as a pupil might have other reasons that affected his performance during exams yet his/her past performance was excellent.

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Teachers in discussion held yesterday at Dove Hotel during the International Teachers’ Day