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Dr. Vince Sinining appointed new provost of Mahatma Gandhi University-Rwanda
Published on 21-07-2016 - at 06:02' by IGIHE

Dr. Vince Sinining has been appointed as the new provost of Mahatma Gandhi University – Rwanda.

Talking on appointed duties Dr. Sinining has said “I am honored of the trust and confidence accorded to me by the Chancellor Dr. Rajan Chopra to serve as the chief academic leader of a University known for its commitment to provide innovative programs using the latest technologies.”

“I am excited to work with Chancellor Dr. Chopra and the leadership team led by Director Dr. Varun Gupta to elevate the national and international profile of Mahatma Gandhi University in Rwanda. I am also excited to live here in Kigali, and be part of the government’s efforts of providing the people of Rwanda quality academic experience for the socio-economic development of the country,” he added.

The director of Mahatma Gandhi University, Director Gupta has welcomed Dr. Sinining noting that his experience in education, global leadership, research and sustainable development will help to provide excellent and quality academic experience among the generation of leaders in Rwanda and in the East African Community.

“Dr. Sinining has been a dedicated member of the Mahatma Gandhi University’s faculty team on our graduate online programs, a veteran educator for the last thirty years and an experienced administrator of non-profit, non-governmental organizations,” said Director Gupta.

“He has more than 27 years of academic experience, including 17 years as educator in secondary and tertiary levels in the United States, 9 years as visiting professor in Southeast Asia, and one year in the Pacific Islands.He also served for 10 years as Senior Advisor for Sustainable Development to select member states at the United Nations in New York, and has worked closely with various heads of state and government. He is currently writing his new book on the intricacies of multilateral diplomacy among small states at the United Nations,” he added.

He expressed delightfulness to have Dr. Sinining as the provost as he is expected to ensure the highest standards for students’ academic training.

Dr. Vince Sinining will work with the president, senior management and academic staff members on university-wide collaboration, academic policy and top priorities.

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Dr. Vince Sinining


It is good to have people like you to boost education system. All the best.

Répondre22.07.2016 à 04:41
Tonny Ng’uni

This is a proud to have this experienced man for MGU in general and for students who have been mentored by him in particular. We thank Mr. Chancellor to appoint Dr Vince SININING.

Répondre21.07.2016 à 22:43
R Ignace

Proud of having Dr Vincent in MGU his a very important person welcome

Répondre21.07.2016 à 16:16
Anita k
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