Gahutu attacks Education Minister over Rusizi University closure

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On 20 March 2017 saa 04:36
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The Chancellor and Legal Representative of Rusizi International University, Dr Gahutu Pascal has written to the Prime Minister claiming that the suspension of his university teaching services was unlawful, illegally influenced by the Minister of Education.

In the letter written on 11th March 2017, Dr Gahutu appealed for justice saying the Minister of Education based his decision to close the university on conflicts among shareholders of Rusizi International University.

Dr Gahutu explained that the Minister of Education has on several occasions declined meeting him face to face for talks but rather meets his colleagues with whom they’re conflicting.

In the letter, Dr Gahutu talks about the minister being behind his imprisonment in February 2017 accused of using forged documents and misallocating university resources.

Dr Gahutu was arrested on 8th February 2017 and appeared in court on 20th February 2017 for a bail application hearing where-after he was released on 24th February.

He explained that Rusizi University fulfills requirements of higher learning institutions and universities since its establishment in 2015. He claims the recent audit to have been done with vested motives. Dr Gahutu requested the Prime Minister to analyze all these cases with the aim of saving students in the region who are struggling for education services far from home and lecturers who may lose jobs.

Rusizi University was licensed to operate in Rwanda on 20th March 2015 but has since been linked to mismanagement and conflicts among shareholders.

At the beginning of February 2017, Dr Mugisha Sebasaza Innocent, the Executive Director of Higher Education Council in Rwanda said that they were working on a report derived from a recent forensic audit on standards in higher learning institutions universities to be released soon.

On 16th March 2017, another higher learning institution, Gitwe University, announced to the student community that the Ministry of Education had suspended three courses including medicine, laboratory and general nursing.

The closure followed a forensic audit carried out by the Ministry which established that the university lacked major necessities including; lecturers, laboratory equipment and library among other pedagogical materials. Affected students have since been sent home.

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The Chancellor and Legal Representative of Rusizi International University, Dr Gahutu Pascal.