Get 50% scholarship to US and UK via DY Study Abroad Agency

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On 24 July 2017 saa 10:07
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DY Study Abroad Agency informs interested candidates for Bachelor and Masters Studies that scholarships are available to cover 50% of their school fees at reputable universities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The agency started in Rwanda in 2015 and has so far sent abroad over 300 students, among them, 150 students got full scholarships in different universities in the US, UK, Canada, China, Cyprus, Australia, Turkey, Mauritius and more countries.

Fabien Mbyayingabo, Admission and Marketing Officer at DY Study Abroad Agency, says the company lives for providing Rwandans with information on scholarships and facilitates candidates to access them.

“We started when few Rwandans had information on how to study abroad while others thought it is too expensive. Parents were afraid of sending their children as they doubted life conditions out there. We came to solve these issues and be the bridge between our partner universities and interested students,” says Mbyayingabo.

He says UK’s London School of Commerce is offering 50% scholarships in the courses of Finance and Development among which a student can choose their best option to follow at bachelor or masters level.

In the US, Southern UTAH University (SUU) offers 50% scholarships plus rent while students pay their meals and 50% of school fees.

SUU has study programmes of Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Communication, computer Science, Engineering, among others.

Interested candidates for bachelor degree present their school performance reports of the final three years of secondary school, a proof of secondary school completion and a valid passport.

Interested candidates for master’s degree present their bachelor degree, academic transcripts and valid passport to DY Study Abroad Agency which does the rest for them.

DY Study Abroad Agency receives all people from 18 years old who completed secondary school and facilitates them to realise their dreams of studying in the US, UK and other countries.

Agency premises

For further information about scholarships opportunities, please visit DY Study Abroad Agency on road KG 11 Ave, Kisimenti, Remera, Kigali –Rwanda.

You can also phone us on +250 788 307 244, +250 781 607 909, or email us to [email protected]
You can also visit our website:

The agency is present in Burundi, Rwanda, DRC and Uganda.

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DY Study Abroad Agency is facilitating Rwandans to register for scholarships in the US and UK.
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Get 50% scholarship in the UK and US via DY Study Abroad Agency
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DY Study Abroad Agency partners with different universities in UK, US and other countries
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London School of Commerce is offering 50% scholarships
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This university is offering 50% scholarship plus accomodation