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Mahatma Gandhi University initiates one laptop per student program
Published on 4-08-2016 - at 11:18' by IGIHE

Mahatma Gandhi University, a leading University in online and distance education has initiated “one laptop per student” initiative to enhance academic experience and the use of technology in higher education.

The move was officially announced yesterday at Kabuga Campus in Kigali.

Mahatma Gandhi University won several awards including the “excellence in distance education by SOE Global Education”, “best innovation in open and distance learning in the 2012 World Education Summit” and is taking a bold step in providing branded laptop for each student as part of its commitment in advancing the interest of President Paul Kagame’s Vision 2020 in setting ICT as a fundamental pillar of the Country’s strategy for nation-building.

Talking on the initiative, the newly appointed Provost of Mahatma Gandhi University, Dr. Vince Sinining said : “We recognize the cost of investing one laptop per student but this is one of our major corporate social responsibilities to provide our students, most of whom cannot afford to purchase a laptop, access to tools that are necessary in enhancing their academic experience and professional development.”

“We are proud of the investment by our Chancellor, Dr. Rajan Chopra, in purchasing laptops for all our students, and in acquiring this multi-million dollar vast property and facilities here in Kabuga to provide a conducive environment to our students, not only in our online and distance education programs, but in our future face-to-face, on campus programs. We continue to maximize the potential of ICT in providing our students better academic experience as we continue our responsibilities as an institution of higher learning here in Rwanda,” added Dr. Varun Gupta, the Director of Mahatma Gandhi University.

Provost Dr. Vince Sinining also announced the 100 Scholarships from Chancellor Dr. Rajan Chopra that will be awarded to deserving individuals, teachers, government and private sector employees as well as special ICT and skills-based training programs for girls and women.

Uwase Adelphine, the Gasabo district officer in charge of education commended the initiative saying it will acquaint students with wide knowledge especially those who couldn’t afford laptops. She explained that offering laptops matches with government’s program of promoting technology and requested Mahatma Gandhi University to keep up efforts aimed at promoting quality education.

JPEG - 99.4 kb
Various leaders attending the launch of ’one laptop per student’ yesterday
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The Provost of Mahatma Gandhi University, Dr. Vince Sinining
JPEG - 88.7 kb
Uwase Adelphine, the Gasabo district officer in charge of education
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A beneficiary of one laptop per student initiative



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