Mahatma Gandhi University launches new textbooks, self-learning modules

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On 2 December 2016 saa 02:29
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Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda launched its new volumes of academic textbooks and self-learning modules on ICT integrating today’s rapidly advancing technologies.

In his statement, MGUR Chancellor and Founder, Dr. Rajan Chopra said “in view of His Excellency, President Paul Kagame’s government efforts in achieving Vision 2020, we are taking bold steps to invest on improving our academic materials to provide the skills that are core in achieving the goal of transforming the nation’s agriculture-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. We are going to stride further by issuing not only quality textbooks but as well as laptops to students that will help them improve their ICT skills.”

MGUR Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Vince Sinining added “MGUR is working towards becoming the Center of Excellence in Online and Distance Learning, providing working people access to higher education, anytime, anywhere. We are also working on providing in-service training tour lecturers and tutors to improve ‘teaching and learning’ using online resources, as well as hands-on training.”

The Honorable Minister of Education, Dr. |Papias Musafiri Malimba served as the Guest of Honor. He said “this is an important occasion that the Ministry of Education supports as the government places ICT at the forefront of the country’s efforts towards achieving Vision 2020. Like Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda, we are confident that Higher Education Institutions in Rwanda will continue to play their significant roles in utilizing ICT in today’s advancing technologies and provide our students the necessary skills to be competitive.”

After the book launch, special scholarships were awarded to two rising singing stars in Rwanda — Yvan Buravan and Andy Bumuntu, who will be studying Mass Communication with specialization in audio-video production related to their career in the performing arts.

Two students today, were also award laptops — Karemera David and Byukusenge Muriel.

Dr. Rajan Chopra also awarded “Special Achievement Awards” to individuals in various fields—Education, Banking, Public Service, Non-profit Organization, Media, TV, and the Performing Arts.

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MGUR Chancellor and Founder, Dr. Rajan Chopra