Mixed education problems greet new Minister Mutimura

On 14 December 2017 at 11:09

New education Minister, Dr. Eugene Mutimura has been greeted with rampant problems, mainly inappropriate teachers’ salary, old classrooms and quality of education among other problems that are hampering the sector’s performance.

The task on Dr Mutimura was made yesterday during the handover ceremony between the incoming minister and outgoing Dr. Papias Malimba Musafiri.

The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sam Mulindwa said the sector has a range of problems that need sustainable solutions to bolster the development of education in Rwanda.

“There are challenges in constructing new classrooms and renovating old ones while others need school materials,” he said adding that a total of 4,000 classrooms were needed to be constructed by this year, but only 1,000 were constructed.

He said there is currently a shortage of laboratories compared to the demand in secondary schools and some higher learning institutions.

“Teachers earn a smaller salary compared to other public servants,” he claimed.

The outgoing minister, Dr Musafiri said that despite existing problems in the sector, a lot has been done and other measures are in place to address the existing problems. He urged his successor to keep working on improving quality of education to meet Rwandans’ expectations.

“Though we have all these problems, we are proud to say that much has been done like providing education for all. However, Rwandans need something more beyond this, that is quality of education,” he said.

Dr Mutimura said that in partnership with other officials, he hopes to find solutions for the remaining problems.

“You have achieved a lot and by working closely with other ministries and different institutions, we shall make achieve more,” he said.

“I, alone, cannot achieve it and this is why I ask for your assistance. I promise my good collaboration along the journey,” he told the ministry’s staff.

Dr Mutimura was appointed education minister on last week, replacing Dr Musafiri who had been in the dockets since June 2015.

Reporting by Jean-Pierre Tuyisenge

New education Minister, Dr. Eugene Mutimura
Outgoing Minister Dr. Papias Malimba Musafiri speaking during the handover ceremony