MPs request Ministry to revise university bursaries

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On 11 January 2017 saa 06:18
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Members of Parliament have requested the Ministry of Education to revise students’ monthly living allowance as the current Rwf 25,000 is considered inadequate as per the prevailing market rates.

The MPs raised the concern yesterday as they approved the draft law establishing Rwanda Education Board (REB) with the other draft law establishing the High Education Council (HEC). The laws also grant responsibilities and structure of the same entities.

The draft laws mandate HEC with disbursing, managing and recovering loans of students from higher learning institutions while REB shall remain with duties of promoting Early Childhood, primary and secondary school education.

MPs also advised the Ministry to carry out a survey to establish the sufficient amount for students’ survival.

“A student receives a bursary of Rwf 25,000. We know that our country is poor but Rwanda has moral values. If it commits to doing something it executes it properly. As far as I am concerned, offering Rwf 25,000 from which a student gets monthly accommodation and food is a problem considering to the cost of living,” said MP Mporanyi Théobald.

This, Hon. Mporanyi observed, has negative consequences on students’ conduct, negatively impact students’ academic performance and therefore called for reasonable revision.

MP Nikuze Nura echoed the same concerns.

“Students told us that they have the problem of under-feeding which is realized in universities and secondary schools,,” he said.

The Minister of Education, Dr Musafiri Malimba Papias said that the matter of bursary will be analyzed further.

“Bursary offers stand at 99% for local and overseas students received on time.,” he said.

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The Minister of Education, Dr Musafiri Malimba Papias