UNESCO lauds Rwanda on education

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 7 September 2016 saa 05:09
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The Global Education Monitoring Report of United Nations Children Education Fund (UNESCO) in 2016 has indicated that Rwanda’s education has progressed compared to other poor countries.

The report presented yesterday was based on 17 goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and concentrated on education as a key pillar with emphasis on quality education as a basis for facilitating the realization of other goals.

The report indicates that 98 % of Rwanda’s children have access to primary education while the rate stands at 50% in other poor African countries.

Previously primary school enrollment rose from 72.6% in 2000 to 96.5 % in 2012 while the completion rate rose from 22% in 2000 to 78.6% in 2012.

The UNESCO report shows that globally, over 25 million children have no access to education and 30 % from poor families never attend school. While presenting the report yesterday, Senior Statistician and Policy Analyst at UNESCO, Nicole Bella said that African countries are unwilling to invest in education as they perceive the sector as bringing no income which prompts them to reserve small budget for it.
She explained that Sub-Sahara African countries record a large number of children dropping out of school and little number of female students attending university courses.

Nicole commended Rwanda for the attained achievements in education sector but advised on improving quality education since in some cases the government lacks employees yet it has graduates with the desired knowledge.

The Minister of Education, Dr Musafiri Papias Malimba has said that Rwanda has a good position in the UNESCO report which made it one of four selected countries of the world where the Global Education Monitoring Report has to be presented.

“Rwanda was not selected at random but it was based on good performance in Millennium Development Goals including education for all. Rwanda scored 98% in the goal of primary education for all whereas some poor countries from other continents are under 50%,”he said.

“We must continue in ensuring education for all with quality at the fore, making sure graduates properly use acquired knowledge in solving problems of Rwandan society,” he added.

The coordinator of United Nations in Rwanda, Lamin Manneh has said that the government of Rwanda continues to demonstrate willingness in supporting education but urged schools to acquaint students with knowledge solving various problems of Rwandan society.

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The state Minister in charge of primary and secondary schools ,Olivier Rwamukwaya with the Minister of Education, Dr Musafiri Papias Malimba during the presentation of The Global Education Monitoring Report of United Nations Children Education Fund (UNESCO) in 2016 yesterday.