Mike Kayihura - A step further into the world of a brilliant, gifted artist

By Patrick Shyaka
On 5 August 2021 at 06:02

Seated in his living room, Mike Kayihura first admitted to having created most of his hit songs in the shower, especially when—as he says—he is in a good mood. The Afro-soul artist has over the years released hits that took Rwanda by storm and marked his name amongst brilliant artists to listen to every day.

Mike Kayihura is proof that the best music crosses all boundaries, and reaches all denominations. He could do any type of music and still would always stay true to himself. It’s all about the soul.

Hits like Kante, Sabrina, and Anytime are a no-brainer when they smoothly cross your ears - and the shower, mind you, is very much to thank for.

In a one-on-one with the artist, we dive deeper into his creative process which easily portrays a genius at work. The hitmaker revealed that sometimes melodies come out of nowhere no matter where he is or whatever time it is, he pulls out his phone and records himself to later key out on his piano and create something that always ends up being remarkable. Sometimes too, the creative juices open slightly to a door of prominent lyrics which of course, he writes down in his journal before the door closes.

Opening up about his journey, Mike revealed that he began singing at age 13 in a church choir, which later led him to push his limits and perfect his talent as an Afro-soul artist. The journey, as he says, has been hard and challenging, especially in finding his own identity in the world.

In his first session in a studio, Mike revealed that he hated listening to his voice while recording. “It was weird,” he says.

The singer/songwriter named among other great performers, Stevie Wonder as his greatest inspiration for choosing and practicing music. “I think I was fascinated by the fact that he is blind and plays everything. I have not quite seen that around”, he says.

After studying music in Ethiopia, working with major producers in Rwanda, the RFI Prix découvertes 2020 finalist, wishes to produce his own music. He finds it in his path to greatness as an accomplishment to extensively learn more about music production, and we can’t wait to experience more from his work.

Currently, Mike Kayihura is planning to release soon his newest EP ’Zuba’ which promises to be a gem, based on the likes of songs such as ’Anytime’ or ’Jaribu’ that the artist has already released.

Mike Kayihura’s sound can hardly be categorized. He might not put the tempo where you thought it would be, but it is always right - the rawness, lyricism, and authentic approach attest to the ingenuity of his work.

He has shown us that there are no limitations, not for someone as good as he is.

Whatever Mike Kayihura does, whatever he touches, he makes it his own. One day - soon enough, he’ll be his own genre.