Cécile Kayirebwa set for Kigali concert on Sunday

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On 28 March 2017 saa 09:08
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The fourth edition of the Inganzo ya Kayirebwa concert takes place on 2 April in Kigali. Translating to ‘Inspiration of Kayirebwa’, the concert is named after Rwanda’s music legend Cécile Kayirebwa.

It is organised by her production company, Ceka I Rwanda, which aims to preserve and archive the cultural heritage of Rwanda through music, dance and poetry.

During the event at Marriott Hotel, Kayirebwa will be releasing three retrospective albums of songs she has arranged and sung to celebrate legendary Rwandan folk musicians, most of whom have since died. For this project, she partnered with producers from Rwanda. They pay tribute to Celestin Rwirangira, Ladislas Twahirwa
and Inwatwa, which is folk music performed by Batwa women.

“The tribute CD release is to honour Rwandan composers," her son, DJ and events organiser Eric Soul said. "They were not musicians per se or even recording artists. Their compositions were known, passed on and became popular through oral transmission, hence the need to record and preserve them. She promised some of them and their families years ago that she would redo their songs. They passed away so she wants to honour her promise and their memory”.

The Belgium-based artist is respected as a custodian of Rwandan folk music. She has been instrumental in advancing the message of healing after the 1994 genocide.

Through the concert, Kayirebwa seeks to inspire other Rwandan musicians. She has worked extensively with younger artists such as Deo Munyakazi.

“She recorded the third album with musicians from the Batwa community, then went with the recordings to Belgium and worked on the songs with young Rwandan producers there,” Soul said.

The matriarch has seven albums to her name. She marked her 70th birthday in November last year with a concert at Kigali Serena Hotel.

The show starts at 6pm and regular tickets are on sale for 15 000 Rwandan francs ($18). Couples pay 25 000 francs while VIP passes cost 20 000 francs.

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Cécile Kayirebwa

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