Meet Lissette DeJesus, The Ben’s ‘Habibi’ queen

Published by Munyengabe Murungi Sabin
On 5 December 2016 saa 06:28
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The Ben, Rwanda’s Artist who is in America recently released a clip of his ‘Habibi’, a song which has become popular in Rwanda in the recent three months.

The video released on 21st November 2016 has now been viewed more than 200, 0000 and audio 700,000 views on YouTube respectively. Habibi clip has been appreciated by music fans for high quality production along with quality images.

The video features Lissette DeJesus, a 19-year old model. IGIHE has caught up with the beauty queen. In an exclusive interview, Lissette DeJesusi unveils how she came to bond with The Ben in producing the video of Habibi.

Lissette DeJesus is a Puerto Rican and Caucasian origin, born and raised in Buffalo, New York.

A model, actress, creative director and painter, Lissette says she met The Ben as she exhibited her work in Buffalo.

“The Ben had a show here in Buffalo and we met the day after his show; he saw my portfolio shortly afterwards and was impressed. So meeting him was great! I seemed to meet the description of what was expected of "Habibi" and I believe my work showed that I was very well qualified for the part.

“Currently I am an independent model. So I handle my professional business personally along with a legal representative to ensure that the projects I’m apart of are quality productions and will benefit me and my career. After viewing how popular and professional both Ben and Cedric are, I was ecstatic about working with them,” she added.

Lissette says she started modeling when she was 14 years old and has earned a lot of experience which qualified her for good performance in Habibi video .

“I was a Theatre major during High School and was part of various productions. I think my training in Theatre helped immensely in my ability to perform well in this video along with other productions I’ve participated in. I believe I was asked to be part of this video because I fit the description, I have the credentials and I have an enthusiastic energy when working collectively on something as amazing as Habibi. Communication was effortless and very ensuring through the weeks of filming. Every person I met while on set had such a great personality and energy to them, so much that I dreaded coming back home. The environment created was so trusting, ambitious and most of all fun. Even discussing business matters were very comfortable since Ben and Cedric are so humble and respectful towards other artists,” she said.

Excitement of Lissette DeJesusi performance

Lissette explains that her friends and family were astounded when they saw the video.

“My mother actually cried the first second I’m shown in the video. My friends, family, and even people I don’t know personally are telling me that they love the video and that I did an amazing job in it. It’s such a boost of confidence. I’ve been doing this for a while but after doing this project, my imagination and ambition have increased by far. This really was a great experience for me and now I know how I’d like to approach projects, hire other artists, and end with a quality product. I hope to serve as a living testimony to the people in my life, from my community and others from all over,” she said.

Lissette DeJesusi message

“My message to the audience would be to always believe in yourself no matter what cards you’ve been dealt with. Whether you grew up poor, having a single parent, being bullied or anything that may be considered a "set back", YOU CAN DO IT. Life is about making mistakes and learning what life is. Be who you are, humble yourself, and continue to bless the world with whatever you can bless it with. Make sure you encourage your colleagues to succeed and surround yourself with people who want to see you win. I am so honored to be part of the production of Habibi and essentially BE Habibi. I’ve met and worked with so many beautiful people during this process and I know every artist involved will continue to achieve great things. I can’t wait to see what Ben and Cedric have planned next.”

Written by Munyengabe Sabin