Rick Ross To Perform at ’Serengeti Fiesta’ in Tanzania

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On 5 October 2012 saa 05:46
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US rapper Rick Ross will perform Saturday at the Serengeti Fiesta in Daresalaam Tanzania.

This comes after weeks of road trips that took live entertainment to 11 regions in Tanzania. Rick Ross will be the main attraction of the day.

With a levying stature of goliath and the regal standing of a King, Rick Ross has lived up to his prophecy of being the ‘Biggest Boss.’

“Both physically and culturally very large - his voice sells, the way Sinatra once sold an implacable but supple kind of confidence...Ross’s confidence can transfer easily to anyone’s inner life, with a little suspended disbelief, and that makes him a kind of motivational speaker. Feel as much like Ross as he does, and you become your own boss.” – wrote The New Yorker in July.

The Miami Monster mogul has evolved into not just hip-hop’s most respected and revered MC who was voted MTV’s “Hottest MC” in 2011, but as a label CEO and business entrepreneur, his resumé is as sterling as one of his platinum plaques.

God Forgives, I Don’t is Ross’ fifth solo album in six years, following in the recent success of five star acclaimed masterpieces Deeper Than Rap (2009) , Teflon Don (2010).

His fans have been conditioned to expect nothing but a prolific output of the highest grade of music.

In a career that reaches new heights every year, God Forgives…is a milestone, the most anticipated rap project of all of 2012, as well as being the LP that will be the definitive work of art of the past decade.

“Without exaggeration, you just don’t hear this high of quality or precision of music,” Ross says.

“I’ve mastered the art of devising classic albums, but this by far exceeds my prior excellence. I owe this to the fans and I owe it to myself to be the undeniable best.”