Women in Kicukiro Trained on Climate Change

Published by Dusabemungu Ange De La Victoire
On 14 February 2013 saa 03:56
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Women representatives in Kicukiro District have been recommended to mainstream climate change into their programs and daily activities so that they can convey climate change adaptation knowledge their collegues.

The call was made earlier this week during sessions organized by REMA in partnership with National Women Council and members of Districts Women Councils.

Addressing participants, Faustin Munyazikwiye Director of Climate Change and International Obligations Unit in REMA hoped that the trained women will train other women.

“We expect you to convey the knowledge acquired from trainings to other women in Kicukiro district and to sensitize them on how they can integrate methods of fighting against climate change in their daily activities to prevent it and eliminate its effects in Rwanda,” Munyazikwiye said.

Cyamikazi Chantal, the executive secretary of NAWOCO in Gikondo sector said they are going to sensitize their fellows to actively participate in the fight against climate change and its effects.

Dr. Rose Mukankomeje, Director General of REMA urged participants to implement skills acquired from trainings and called them to join efforts in order to contribute effectively in fighting against climate change in Rwanda.