Hakym Reagan , A Clothing brand that Shirts you up

Published by Ivan Nyagatare
On 25 April 2017 saa 05:11
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On a verge of being just a year Old here in Rwanda, the Hakym Reagan brand has already amazed some with it’s collections and mainly the marquee ambassador of the clothing pieces found at the their store in town near the little roundabout heading to Nyamirambo, just few yards away from Agakinjiro workshop and that is “The Shirt”

Besides the fact that HAKYM REAGAN brand has all it takes to dress a family with a wide range of clothing items like Suits, Dresses, Shoes, Skirts, Pants and make-up accessories we focused on the most sought item of their store and it is a Shirt.

Bought by Males and Females, a Shirt is our number one item for the customers said Mr. Reagan, who created his clothing brand a year ago after returning from US where he worked in the film industry as a movie director and costume designer, and that’s how he realized he wanted to not only focus on clothing actors but make clothes which can be dressed by everyone.

He shared with IGIHE his journey as a designer: “I started attending parties in my off days and many people started asking me why I was buying my clothes and in my reply I told them that they were my creation, they were intrigued by the colorful and design of my shirts and I started receiving requests and orders from people who were willing to buy them and that’s how I started thinking of becoming a designer and when I returned to Rwanda I created my designing house and started using even DHL express services so that I can ship my clothes abroad”.

Asked why he made the Shirts his brand’s signature product he simply answered by saying that Shirts say a lot about a person and hopes that with the Made In Rwanda Campaign his products value will increase and get more demands for his clothing pieces.

The young designer who takes inspiration from his everyday’s activities has already showcased his clothes in the Rwanda Modesty Show, Innovation Fashion Show and Kitenge Dress Code Dinner and is working on different collections that he plans to unveil at the end of the year.

By Ivan Nyagatare