Kinyoozi: Mattew Rugamba celebrating the barbershop culture with his collection

Published by Ivan Nyagatare
On 12 July 2017 saa 11:24
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Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur Mattew Rugamba decided to share his childhood story which inspired him to his latest creation, a collection of clothes celebrating the rich, vibrant, uninhibited African Barbershop culture.

Known for his Lumumba-like haircut, he shares his portion of life:

“I have always been drawn to black barbershop culture. One of my favorite shows as a child was “Desmond’s”, a British sitcom of a West-Indian Barber in London. My first memories of listening to hip hop and reggae were in the barbershop.

“The fresh Prince inspired my first high top fade, Iverson had me trying to get cornrows and the Ronaldo 2002 World Cup haircut got me in trouble in school, I guess hair has always been a form of expression of my identity”.

The word “Kinyoozi ” translates as “a Barber” in the English language and the collection which was showcased at the Collective Fashion Week finale is composed of different attires with a classy and decent look married with an African-inspired touch of design which recalls the barber’s environment such as Amasunzu embroidery on contrary lapels and pinned scissors prints on shirt collars.

“The barbershop is also the first time I really saw entrepreneurship first hand. My mum opened a barbershop almost 20 years ago. I was so excited about it. I was sketching the signs and coming up with different names. My mum saw how much effort I put into it and she decided to name it after me, “TAYO’s BARBER SHOP” says Mr. Rugamba.

House of Tayo was created by Mattew Rugamba out of Desire to find unique way through which to showcase African sophistication, style and flavor through contemporary, locally-made clothing accessories.

Here are some photographs of the KINYOOZI collection:

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Fashion Designer from House of Tayo; Mattew Rugamba