Why dressing well matters

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On 3 April 2017 saa 08:22
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One thing that makes an individual stand out in a crowd, fashion enthusiasts will tell you, is dressing. No wonder, awareness of this fact could partly be the reason why many people subscribing to all age brackets and social classes spend ample time seeing themselves in mirrors before they leave the house.

Underlining the intrinsic value of descent dressing designers Iconic Coco Chanel said that in order to be irreplaceable, one must be different and the first step to be different is through dressing well.

Before we delve into this topic let’s first remind ourselves why dressing well should be a concern for everyone and never to be regarded a wastage of time.

It boosts one’s appearance

If you look at anyone that you’ve ever met I actually refer to that person whose impact in your life live on. Many a times, you’ll think back to the first time that you met them. This implies that meeting as many people as possible for the first time is part and parcel of your normal day. Your sight just catches some of them without any formal or informal interaction; but they leave a trace in your life. Why?

Experts in design say dressing claims about 90 per cent of personal presentation and it creates the first and lasting impression in the people you meet. Whatever you choose to wear be it suits, jackets, jeans et cetera communicates differently and with enduring impact. Did you know that the colours you choose to wear also speak volumes about you? You can, however, consciously choose to aim at creating great impression over the messages that your dressing may suggest.

Improves self-confidence

Men and women serving in the forces around the world appreciated the implication of dressing long before many us. Look at how much pride the Rwanda Defense Force takes in their uniforms and how Police officers in everywhere they are act with pride and confidence.

This could perhaps be one of the reasons civilians accord them too much respect much of which is derived from the uniform and what it represents.

Similar confidence will be gained when you put on a suit, it’s – I mean, it’s like a suit of armour, you put that on and you feel confident and you know you look great, it makes you look more masculine and you can hang out and nail that interview, nail that presentation and just feel good.

Do you want to increase your confidence? You now know what to do!

Attention to details

I was just talking about Policemen in uniform. I mean, they have to know exactly where a very little badge and nametag are and the same applies to gentlemen that embrace the custom of wearing suits. They have to know if shoes are well shone and if the pocket squares are well aligned.

And our ladies? They have to match their make-ups and accessories with the dress they are going to grace the day with; and that is the power of dressing well it will force you to keep clean and attractive.

Please Ladies and Gentlemen take pride in your appearance!

You could have a Harvard MBA, you can have a degree from our very own University of Kigali, and no one is going to see that. All they see is the dresses that you have on your body before you speak to them. So, make sure to give a damn about your appearance and to make the best first impression because, really, this is about you. This is about you being able to make your road easier. I know that you could not care, but why would you do that to yourself? It’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

By Ivan Nyagatare