10 reasons why you should eat unripe plantain more

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On 5 November 2016 saa 03:47
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For many, unripe plantain isn’t something exactly appealing; they’d rather go for ripe ones because of the obvious taste differences. Ripe plantain taste a lot better than unripe ones, but that doesn’t mean it is richer in nutrients; in fact, nutritionists believe that unripe plantain is better for your health than the ripe ones. So in this post, I’ll be sharing 10 amazing health benefits of unripe plantain with you.

1. Cure for Neuritis and Anaemia

Unripe Plantain contains Vitamin B6, which is very effective in the fight against health conditions like Neuritis and Anaemia. Neuritis is a condition that causes an inflammation of the nerves. Anaemia, on the other hand is characterised by the presence of low red blood cells in the body, which usually results in weakness. With a regular consumption of unripe plantain, these conditions can be treated, and even prevented.

2. Good for the heart

The potassium content in unripe plantain protects the heart from conditions like High Blood Pressure, by controlling the heart rate. It also has some fibre content, which controls cholesterol levels, and consequently, kills the possibility of one suffering heart diseases. The presence of serotonin in unripe plantain prevents stroke and other heart conditions too.

3. It’s perfect for weight loss

As I said before, it contains some fibre content, which makes it possible to lose weight through constant consumption.

4. It’s great for your body

Unripe plantain has the ability to improve blood circulation in your body, and make your digestive system a lot better than it was.

5. Rich source of vitamin A,B and C

Unripe plantain contains a great amount of Vitamin C, as well as B and A, which not only improves your vision, but nourishes your skin and Keeps you safe from diseases and free radicals.

6. Helps fight constipation

If you have issues passing out waste, then you need to turn to unripe plantain. Eating it in a good amount can make bowel movement better and easier, which in turn, would ease your constipation worries.

7. Healthy for diabetic people

Unlike ripe ones, unripe plantain contains little or no sugar, and as you know, sugar is a root cause of diabetes. Mixed with quality vegetables and other protein rich food, unripe plantain can keep diabetes away.

8. It’s rich in calcium

Calcium is essential if you want to have strong, healthy bones, nails and teeth. Eating a good amount of unripe plantain would enrich your system with enough calcium, and keep away diseases like Osteoporosis, a condition that causes the bones to be weakened.

9. It improves libido

If poor libido level is a worry for you, then you must eat plenty of unripe plantain. Studies have proven that it can enhance sexual performance.

10. Cure for ulcer

Lucocyanidin is an element found in unripe plantain, and it can help fight ulcer, studies have shown.

So there you have it. Sometimes, the best things don’t come with a great taste, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good for you. Unripe plantain isn’t as sweet as ripe ones, but it certainly is healthier. You should eat it more.