10 simple things you should do to live longer

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On 20 August 2016 saa 02:13
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It’s amazing that the things that can help us live longer are simple things we can actually do but we still neglect these simple things.

Below are 10 simple things you should do to live longer

1. Learn to forgive

You can actually live longer if you learn to forgive. Having a forgiving heart helps reduce your blood pressure, anxiety and also help you breath more easily.

2. Friends

An Australian research has proved that elderly people with more friends were less likely to die over a 10-year period compared to those with fewer friends. You should ensure you choose your friends wisely. Ensure you choose friends with healthy lifestyles if you want to live longer.

3. Diet

If you want to live longer, you should ensure you go for a diet high in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and fish.

4. Quality sleep

Sleeping less than 5 hours daily increases your risk of premature death so ensure you get enough sleep daily.

5. Get married

Getting married has lots of benefits and one of them is that it helps you live longer. Studies have shown married people have lower mortality rates compared to people who are divorced, widowed or never married.

6. Be religious

A study has shown people who attended religious services more than once a week have a higher level of a key immune system protein when compared to those that don’t attend religious services. The same study also says that people who attend religious services also tend to live longer when compared to those that don’t.

7. Throw away the cigarettes

Tobacco smokers are liable to die young so quitting smoking would lengthen your lifespan.

8. Exercise

Studies have shown that people who exercise live longer on average when compared to those that don’t. 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly is important.

9. Lose weight

Slimming down if you are overweight can protect you against heart diseases, diabetes and other ailments that shorten lifespan.

10. Drink moderately

Moderate drinkers are less likely to have a heart disease when compared to those that don’t. Too much alcohol increases blood pressure and can cause lots of other health problems so if you want to enjoy the benefits of alcohol, moderation is key. If you don’t take alcohol, no point starting as there are other ways of protecting your heart.