10 things you should never do to your privates

Published by Elcrema
On 6 September 2016 saa 01:03
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The privates are a very delicate part of the body. Some people usually (out of ignorance or plain stupidity) engage in activities or subject their privates to things that expose them to danger. This is not acceptable. There are things that you cannot do to your genitals, and I have a number of them lined up in this post.

1. Piercings

As ‘cool’ and trendy as they may seem, piercings are not really healthy for your privates, both as a man and as a woman. The skin around the privates are very sensitive, so exposing it to harsh objects can lead to bleeding or an infection if the object used isn’t sterilized. This also applies to tattooing down there.

2. Avoid tight underwear

If you must use underwear, it must not be one of those tight, body hugging types, as those have the ability to restrict blood flow to the genitals (for men) and reduce sperm production, which can lead to infertility. It can also cause infection due to too much sweating.

3. Don’t leave unclean

It’s important to make sure you wash your genitals often, during baths, or after sex, as leaving it unwashed can lead to an infection, due to a build up of bacteria.

4. Don’t overwash

I mentioned that it’s important to wash up and keep it clean down there, but you want to wash with caution, so you do not overdo it. The skin around the genitals is very delicate; kind of like the one on your face, so you have to be careful to avoid bruising, as that can give room for an infection too.

5. Do not pull it!

There’s a craze for big manhood these days, which is really absurd because it’s not about the size, but usage. You can have the biggest too, and still suffer if you can’t use it well. So don’t let that talk of a big, giant manhood being all women need, because it’s not. I’ve heard about people going to all sorts of lengths to achieve giant manhood, including pulling or stretching their genital to make it longer. This doesn’t work, and is bad for your health. In doing so, you can damage the muscles and tissues down there.

6. Avoid enlargement products

Like I revealed earlier, it’s never been about the size, so avoid using enlargement products, as many of them have hormones and components whose functionality may be unhealthy for your body.

7. Don’t use artificial scents

The genitals have a natural smell, which isn’t bad, as long as it’s clean. Most artificial scents and perfumes have chemicals that can be bad for your genitals when they come in contact, due to their sensitivity.

8. Don’t use hair removal creams down there

This is obviously because of the content of most of them. They are made of ingredients that are not so healthy for your genital area.

9. Don’t leave it wet after a bath

Bacteria thrive in wet, moist areas. After having your bath, please clean up your genitals properly, along with your body, to avoid giving bacteria a breeding ground.

10. Don’t self-medicate

If you notice any abnormalities or pain down there, simply reach out to a doctor or expert for help. Do not prescribed drugs for yourself, please.