10 things you should never try on your privates

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On 24 September 2016 saa 04:04
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The human privates are delicate, and for this, if one isn’t careful in the way they treat them, complications can arise. Below is a list of some of the things you should not do to your privates.

1. Do not pierce

Apart from the fact that most piercing instruments can expose you to infections if not properly sterilized, there’s also issue of trauma and injuries in the privates which can arise as a result of piercing.

2. Avoid tight underwear

Tight underwear expose you to excessive sweating which can cause bacterial infection if not checked, and according to research, tight underwear also have the capacity to limit blood flow to your genitals, thereby reducing sperm production, and consequently resulting in infertility. This is especially true for men.

3. Don’t fail to wash yourself after sex

It can be tempting to sleep off after the action, but that’s not really advisable. It’s good to wash yourself, especially the privates thoroughly immediately after sex, as failure to do so can create room for bacteria to breed there, thereby exposing you to infections.

4. Do not over-wash

While it’s good to wash and keep it clean down there, be careful not to over-wash it, as it can also create problems for you. The skin is delicate, you can cause yourself injuries, and be exposed to infections if you wash more than necessary.

5. Do not steam

You might have read or heard that steaming is good because it’ll help balance your hormones, but it’s not healthy, according to health experts. Steaming can cause you injuries down there, due to the delicate nature of the region.

6. Don’t self-medicate

If you notice any unusual symptoms about yourself, the wiser thing to do is to go see a certified health expert, so they can tell what’s wrong with you, and exactly the appropriate course of action to take. Do not go out there, getting yourself medication. There are too many drugs out there, and you can’t be sure how you’d react to them. Some have harsh compositions, so it’s good to thread carefully.

7. Do not use enlargement drugs

Size isn’t a problem, it’s about how you use it, not what you’re packing. Do not even contemplate using an enlargement drug, unless prescribed by a good doctor, as most drugs have harmful side effects.

8. Do not try to make it smell better

This is because of the risks associated with using a harsh deodorant. The natural smell of the privates is fine, just improve your personal hygiene.

9. Don’t forget to dry up after your baths

Bacteria like moist areas, if you do not dry up your privates well after your bath, it’d make you exposed to infections, this is why it’s important to clean up and dry up properly after your baths.

10. Don’t use hair removal cream down there

Also due to the make up of some of these products, it’s not advisable to use them on your private area.

Have you been guilty of any of these? It’s best you quit them now.