3O Districts Undergo Health Managerial Training

Published by IGIHE
On 20 November 2012 saa 03:55
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The Ministry of Health will support 30 districts by strengthening their capacity with highly qualified staff skilled in education, monitoring, evaluation, and project management.

This seeks to strengthen implementation of Health services rendered to the population.

Ministry of health released a statement November, 20th, noting that with the third decentralization phase will empower sectors to take control of decisions and management.

The statement said it is time for the Ministry to deploy about 5-10 experts currently based at the central level to each of the districts.

Last week, a team of leaders across the health sector at the central level met with all district Vice Mayors during their retreat in Gashora to discuss how to proceed.

As the country approaches the time for creating EDPRS II, where deep mindset changes are requested from each and every Rwandan, this policy action will increase ownership by local leaders as well as their financial and technical capacity in the health sector for the benefit of the population.

The outcomes expected from this transition are to improve customer care, nutrition, and the rates of child and maternal survival.