4 reasons why you should change your underwear often

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 20 November 2016 saa 12:10
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Work and sheer nonchalance can tend to make one forget to change their underwear very often, but it’s a necessity that cannot be gone around. No matter how busy you find yourself, it’s important to always find time to keep yourself clean down there, by making sure that you wear clean underwear.

I cannot say exactly how often you should, but I think you should know it’s time to change into your new underwear every day, or the moment you sweat. There are dangers you expose yourself to when you fail to keep your down below clean, and they include…

1. Smelly privates

When you wear underwear for too long, you simply hand out an invite to bacteria and germs which would cause you to smell down there.

You go through all sorts of things daily, and some of them may cause you to sweat. I don’t need to tell you that germs like damp environments. They’ll build up around your privates the longer you wear them, and cause you to have a foul stench.

2. Itchy privates

You’ve probably not heard that lice can build around your privates if you give them an enabling environment. Lice are itchy, and will cause you great discomfort and embarrassment if you give them the opportunity to attack. Apart from lice, there are germs and bacteria that can cause itching in your privates, so it’s a great idea to change your underwear often.

3. Sore skin

With great itching comes great scratching. The more you scratch your itchy skin and private region, the more likelihood there is that you’ll develop painful and discomforting sores on your skin.

4. Ifections

From yeast infection to urinary tract infections, you expose yourself to dangerous infections when you fail to keep your privates clean. This is especially true for women. Due to the nature of your sex organ, it’s easier for you to catch theses infections than men. If you have one, it’s important to contact a doctor, but you won’t ever have to if you keep yourself clean, and change your underwear often.