4 reasons you need good sleep

Published by Elcrema
On 12 August 2016 saa 01:37
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No matter how busy you think your schedule is, you should still hold sleep in high regard. Getting enough sleep has too many benefits that are important for your development and growth that cannot be exhausted if I were to start talking about them. However for the purpose of this post, I’ll take a look at the following four.

1. It improves the brain

The brain is like a computer, when you overwork it, it can get exhausted and function less effectively, that is why it’s of heavy importance that you give it enough rest. The more rest your brain gets, the more relaxed it is, and the better it functions. Haven’t you noticed that sometimes, when you feel really confused about something, and sleep it over, you often wake up refreshed, and more concentrated?

2. Makes your body function optimally

To be productive, you need your brain to be well rested and the rest of your body to function optimally. There’s no way this would be possible if you don’t give your body time to rest and recover from stress it had to go through all day. When you give your body sleep, it stays healthier, and that way, you become more productive.

3. Helps the body regain lost nutrients

As you burn energy to do anything, you burn important nutrients that are necessary to keep you in good shape, and even if you continue to eat healthy without getting rest, your body will suffer. In order to stay healthy, regain lost nutrients, and allow your body recover from the day’s stress, you must get adequate sleep every night— at least, 7 hours.

4. It promotes hair growth

Stress is the primary cause of hair loss or poor hair growth, as the case may be, so if you want to get more hair on your body, simply get enough sleep and rest.