5 benefits of going bra-less

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On 16 November 2016 saa 01:58
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Bras are important pieces for most women, and while some cannot do without it, there are a few who would rather leave their boobies hanging free. People who fall In the last category have more often than not, come under fire for daring to go against the ‘normal’, however, according to research, there yet may be more to ‘bra-lessness’ than a lot of people know.

I have put together 5 solid reasons why I think it’s not always a bad thing for a woman to leave her boobies hanging free.

It’s more comfortable

Obviously, comfort is relative, while someone may find going bra-less more comfortable than wearing one, there are women who feel exactly the opposite. That said, I’ll still go on to tell you why I think the former gives you more day long comfort than the latter. Most of the women I have come across have always given me the impression that they feel suffocated in a bra. Hence, they feel great joy whenever they finally take it off.

Bras are made with intention of keeping the breasts from dangling, meaning that they’re made to be tight. The straps, the under wire, the band, all make it really tight on the body. That can be stifling for most women, especially when you have to wear one all day long.

Your boobies are perkier and firmer

Jean Denis Rouillon, a professor at Frenche Comte University conducted a research (which lasted for fifteen years), and found that wearing a bra actually adds no value to a woman. This discovery brings into question the notion that wearing a bra actually adds meaningful value to women. According to Roullion, going without a bra would actually allow for more muscle tissue to build, and that of course would make the boobies firmer and perkier.

Less cance risk

You go without a bra, and you expose your boobies to much more air than they’d get with one. You sweat less, and chances of germs building up around your breasts are reduced too.

Better circulation

Due to the tight form of bras, it’s very difficult for the body’s blood circulation level to be at its best, but without a bra, you get the opposite. Your muscle tissues are better, and blood circulation is better.

You save more money

It’s no secret that the best bras come at a high price, but if you don’t have to wear one, it would mean that you channel that money elsewhere — maybe save it, even.

Now, that you’ve known some of the benefits of going bra-less, you go on ahead and choose whichever makes you more comfortable.