5 best foods that would make you a super man in bed

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On 11 August 2016 saa 01:39
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Every man wants to be a superman in the bedroom but what we don’t know is that there are certain foods that can help turn up the heat in the bedroom and trust me when I say you need to know these foods.

Some certain foods can enhance your experience in bed and below are 5 super foods that would make you a super man in bed

1. Avocados:

What does the avocado remind you of in a man’s body? The Aztecs referred to the avocado as a testicle because of its shape and I guess that’s what you thought of too. If you want to be a superman in the bedroom and impress your partner, then you should add the avocado to your diet because they are rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fat and this makes them very good for your heart and arteries. You know you need a good blood flow to perform better down there and the avocado would definitely help do that as it keeps the heart beating strong and also help keep blood flowing to all the right places (you definitely know what I mean).

2. Strawberries:

According to a study by researchers in the University of California, B vitamins helps boost sperm count in men and strawberries are rich in B vitamins. This isn’t the only reason why you should take strawberries as strawberries are full of libido-boosting methylxanthines. Another reason to take a strawberry today.

3. Amonds:

If you want to be a superman in bed then you should consider adding almonds to your diet. Almonds aid fertility, increase passion and also act as a stimulant (you definitely know what I mean). This isn’t all you get from almonds as they are also rich in trace minerals which are important for sexual health and reproduction.

4. Oysters

If you are not a fan of oysters then I need you should have a rethink today if you plan being a superman in the bedroom. Oysters are one of the best known aphrodisiac and they are one of the best sources of libido-boosting zinc.

5. Citrus

Citrus is another food you should consider adding to your diet if you want to be a hero in the bedroom because it is super-rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and folic acid and these all help a man’s reproductive health.

Have a fantastic experience with your partner in the bedroom.