5 common mistakes you probably make in the toilet

Published by Elcrema
On 3 November 2016 saa 01:07
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The toilet is a good place to visit, considering that it provides one with the opportunity to pass out waste from the body and leave feeling way better. However, if you don’t do all the right things while you’re there, it can end up doing you more harm than good. For this reason, I’m sharing some of the common errors people make in the toilet.

1. Sitting/staying in for too long

The toilet is meant for you to go in, do your business and then step out. If you’re constipated, seeing a physician would be a more rational thing to do. Don’t try to force it, as you can cause yourself more damage by doing so. Staying longer in the toilet also exposes you to harmful germs, so avoid this.

2. Wiping wrong

This is important especially for women. I know that some of you are probably used to doing it the wrong way, but it only exposes you to infections by up to 70%. After doing your business in the toilet, the right way to wipe is from front to back. Why? The reason is simple; you don’t want to wipe anal waste into your Vee.

3. Over wiping

Still on wiping; after doing your business in the toilet, use the right amount of tissue paper to wipe your anal area. Do not use too much toilet paper, as that may mean wiping too much, and when you wipe too much, you risk irritating your anal area.

4. Pit toilets

If for some reason, you have access to only a pit toilet, it is better to always do the business elsewhere, on something (a bowl or piece of paper), before throwing it into the pit toilet. This is to avoid exposing your genitals to germs which are very common with pit toilets.

5. Always wash your hands afterwards

In the process of doing the business in the toilet, it is possible to lay hands on germ affected areas, which can be dangerous to your health if left unattended to. So it’s important to always wash your hands afterwards.

Don’t forget to share. Health is wealth. The more careful you are about yourself, the healthier and happier you are.