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5 health benefits of sleeping naked...you would sleep naked tonight after reading this
Published on 14-08-2016 - at 03:12' by Elcrema

According to a poll from the National Sleep Foundation, only 12 percent of Americans sleep naked even though sleeping naked comes with lots of benefits.

Here are 5 health benefits of sleeping naked

1. Sleeping naked prevents bacterial infections

Sleeping naked is good for women because it helps prevent bacterial infections such as yeast infections. Yeast infection thrives in warm moist areas which can be created while sleeping in pajamas. When you sleep naked, you allow your vag*na breathe, thereby keeping bacteria at bay.

2. Sleeping naked helps increase a man’s sperm production

Sleeping naked is good for a man because it helps increase a man’s sperm production by keeping his scrotum at a specific temperature. A man’s sperm quality suffers if the testicles become too warm so it’s important men sleep naked to maximize the production of quality sperm.

3. Sleeping naked helps strengthen the bond between couples

Sleeping naked is good for couples as the skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin in the brain which strengthens the bond between couples and increase trust within a relationship.

4. Sleeping naked helps you sleep better

Sleeping naked helps you sleep better because it lowers the body temperature which stops you from waking up in the middle of the night.

5. Sleeping naked helps you burn calories

Sleeping naked helps the body stay cool though the night which has been found to increase metabolism and help burn calories.



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