5 qualities of a good partner.Are you one?

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On 15 August 2016 saa 12:47
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Everyone is seeking to have a good partner; even the good partners, the not-so-good partners and the terrible partners want a good partner.

However, the big quest shouldn’t just lie in seeking for a good partner but in being one too.

A good partner has the following qualities.

1. A good partner is a good listener

Listening is an important quality of a partner, and it goes beyond hearing what your partner has to say but actually paying attention to what your partner is saying.

Everyone wants to be heard, and a good partner doesn’t only want to be heard but provides a listening ear to their partner.

2. A good partner believes in partnership

A good partner doesn’t sit back, relax and put the entire relationship burden on their partner. A good partner also partakes in making the relationship better in any way that they can. A good partner is committed to making the relationship work.

3. A good partner is a good communicator

Passing information and receiving information are the two essentials for communication, and a good partner chooses his/her words carefully so as not to pass the wrong message and a good partner tries to understand the other partner and as well communicate how they feel, rather than hide their emotions.

A good partner also believes in regular communication and doesn’t leave the other partner feeling emotionally distanced.

4. A good partner is a good lover

A good partner loves; good partners first love themselves and then they love their partner and look for means to show how much they really love that person.

5. A good partner is a selfless partner

A good partner isn’t selfish, a good partner isn’t self-centred; they don’t make the relationship just about themselves and they don’t try to have their way all the time.

A good partner seeks what’s best for the relationship.

The fact that you’re a good person doesn’t automatically make you a good partner; there are lots of good people who are terrible relationship partners.

Are you a good partner?