5 reasons you should not be sleeping with your cell phone

Published by Science Daily
On 2 June 2017 saa 12:17
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Cellphones are addictive, and important too. Addictive because you have all the cool apps and games you love to have fun with, and important because you have to stay in touch, I mean, you never really know when that life- changing call will come in, so, you need to carry it around and keep it as close to you as possible, even if it means taking it to bed with you. But as ‘harmless’ as it may seem, going to bed with your mobile phone isn’t quite good for you, and that’s because of the following reasons…

Defeats the purpose of going to bed

Unless you’re getting in your bed to sit and not sleep, then, there’s nothing wrong with taking your phone with you, but if the intention is to get some sleep, then, there’s absolutely no point taking your phone because you’ll probably end up not sleeping at all. Consider the notifications that will keep pouring in, the calls and the temptation to try that game one more time. Don’t forget health experts advise that you get at least 8hrs sleep every night to stay in good shape.

Your eyes can be endangered

Over using your phone at night can expose your eyes to vision problems. This is due to the fact that most smart phones today emit blue light which is potentially dangerous if stared into for long. It can lead to dryness of the eyes and blurred vision.


Nomophobia is the fear of being without a mobile phone. This happens when you’re addicted to using one, and it can lead to unnecessary anxiety. If you fall asleep while using your phone, chances are you’ll wake up in the middle of the night anxiously looking for it, and in the end you end up disrupting your sleep.

It can ruin your relationship

For most couples, bedtime is ‘us’ time. It’s a time for a couple to catch up on stuff they might have missed in each other’s lives during the day. You can imagine how awful that would be if you go to bed with your phone. You’ll be distracted, and your partner would be frustrated with you.

Exposure to radiation

You may not know this, but smartphones usually release a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which can be absorbed if it is too near your body. However, the risk is reduced when the phone is turned off.

Source:Science Daily