5 things that cause you pimples and how you can rid your face of them

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On 20 June 2017 saa 10:04
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Pimples are small rashes that appear on the body, especially on the face, as a result of irritation. Pimples are annoying, nobody likes them, and they affect people of all ages, although they’re more common with teenagers and younger adults.

Like I already mentioned, pimples are caused by irritation on (in) the skin, so to avoid them, you simply must avoid possible irritation and causal agents.

These things that mostly cause irritation include;

Body lotion (or cream)

As we differ in our thinking and functionality, we are also different in the ways we react to things. The body is built to fight harmful chemicals and germs, but it’s not everything that it can fight in the long run, so you have to be careful what you apply and put on your body so you do not endanger yourself.

Body lotions are made with all sorts of chemicals and ingredients. Some of these, our bodies can handle and accept well, and others, it can’t. When the body doesn’t accept something, it shows as irritation, which could be pimples. So you must be wary of what lotions and body creams you use. If you notice you suddenly start to suffer pimples after using a particular beauty product, you might want to stop and try another before things get out of control.

Insufficient water intake

Water is important for the body’s health, not just because it helps digestion, but because it also helps maintain the temperature level of the body. Pimples can be caused by heat, drinking enough water can make the story different.

Overexposure to Sunlight,stress and sex

Stress is unhealthy. It can lead to a young death, but asides that, it can cause a great deal of pimples. The more you subject yourself to stress, the more pimples you’re likely to get. The same applies to sunlight. I did mention before now that heat causes pimples too. Avoid these things and excessive sex because it’s been said that the more sperm you release from your body, the more likely you’re to suffer pimples attack.

Bathroom habits

You don’t clean up well when it’s shower time? You don’t use the sponge responsibly in the bathroom? You could be handing out an invitation to pimples. Clean up well in the bathroom and don’t scrub too hard on your face. Scrub gently, and you’ll see how good your face will look.

What you eat

Foods like margarine (butter), groundnut, chips, can increase your chances of getting pimples in a minute. The main reason is that these foods contain a certain kind of acid which increases the chances of an inflammation happening on your skin.

It’s advised you stay away from these types of food, and consume more foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, like fish for example. This is to balance your consumption of butter, groundnut etc which contain omega- 6 fatty acids.