5 ways smoking weed damages your body

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On 26 August 2016 saa 01:46
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The number of youths smoking weed today is on the rise with many talking about some benefits they get from smoking weed. No matter the benefit you think you derive from smoking weed, the negatives of smoking weed overshadows the little benefits you think you get from it.

Here are 5 ways smoking weed damages your body

1. Smoking weed destroys your brain cells

A 20-year study on the effects of weed to the human body which was published in the journal Addiction found that smoking weed decreases cognitive function while also increasing the risk of psychotic symptoms and disorders.

2. Smoking weed damages the blood vessels

Smoking weed also damages the blood vessels. This is according to a research from the American Heart Association. The researchers also found that long-term exposure to weed may increase the chances of developing hardened and clogged arteries.

3. Smoking weed hinders creativity

So many people especially musicians believe smoking weed helps boost their creativity and give them inspiration but this is false. A study by researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands found that smoking weed hinders creativity.The study which was published in the journal Psychopharmacology noted that the improved creativity weed smokers claim they experience is an illusion.

4. Smoking weed increases risk of testicular cancer

Researchers from the University of Southern California found that people who smoke weed have a higher risk of getting testicular cancer.

5. Smoking weed impacts short-term memory

Another danger of smoking weed is that it makes people become forgetful. Researchers from the Northwestern University found that people who smoke weed developed brain abnormalities in regions associated with short-term memory.The researchers also found that the brains of people who smoke weed were abnormally shaped.