6 early signs you may be pregnant

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On 29 January 2017 saa 12:55
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Pregnancy comes with certain signs. If you pay enough attention, there’s no way you wouldn’t know. Here are a few of those signs to watch for.

Shortness of breath

It’s common and normal to suffer shortened breath during pregnancy. The reason this happens is because your body wants to divert some air to the foetus. If you notice this, you may want to check with your doctor.

Cramps and mood swings

Due to hormonal changes that would have occurred, or that are happening in your body, you may experience stomach cramps and annoying mood swings.

Aches in your body

Headaches, back aches, you may experience it all. You’re carrying more than just your bodily weight now, remember!

You feel nauseated

You wake up in the morning, and you feel uncomfortable, and next, you’re throwing up in the toilet… Typical pregnancy symptom.


All of a sudden, you’re tired for most of the time, without doing much? Well, it can happen for a host of reasons, and pregnancy is one of them.

Your boobs feel sore

Some hormonal changes occur with pregnancy, and they’ll affect your breasts too. So if for any reason, you feel soreness in your breasts, it may be that you’re pregnant.

Remember, that these are just signs. You’re not sure until you check with a doctor.