6 things that would make you die quick

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On 21 October 2016 saa 12:47
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According to the new research which was published in the journal PLOS Medicine, a person who has all six bad habits is more than five times as likely to die during a six-year period as one who is very clean-living.

The University of Sydney researchers revealed that unhealthy habits are behind a third of deaths.

The six deadly habits most likely to send you to an early grave are listed below

1. Alcohol consumption

2. Poor diet

3. Inactivity

4. Smoking

5. Spending more than seven hours a day sitting down

6. Sleeping for more than nine hours

The researchers also found these two habit-combinations were the most likely to send you to an early grave

1. Prolonged sitting and long sleep duration

2. Smoking and high alcohol intake

According to the researchers, going to the gym in the evening doesn’t cancel out the damage done by sitting all day in the office.

The researchers stressed on the importance of healthy lifestyles.

More than 230,000 people aged 45 and over took part in the six-year study.