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7 causes of urinary tract infection
Published on 29-09-2016 - at 01:35' by Elcrema

The urinary tract is a system in the body responsible for removing waste and excess water. The urinary tract consists of the bladder, the kidneys, the ureters and the urethra.

Urinary tract infections are caused by microbes such as bacteria overcoming the body’s defences in the urinary tract.

Common symptoms of urinary tract infections include a strong, frequent urge to urinate and a painful and burning sensation when urinating.

Below are 7 causes of urinary tract infection

1. Holding pee for too long can cause urinary tract infections because when urine stays too long in the bladder, it encourages the production of germs.

2. Wiping from back to front after a bowel movement can cause urinary tract infection. Wiping from back to front causes germs to the enter the vagina.

3. Sexual intercourse can cause urinary tract infections as it pushes germs inside the urethra. Ensure you and your partner are always clean.

4. Urinary tract infections can also be caused by kidney stones because kidney stones make it difficult to pass urine.

5. Use of spermicides and tampons can cause urinary tract infections.

6. Poor personal hygiene can cause urinary tract infections.

7. Diabetes can increase the likelihood of having urinary tract infections.



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