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7 common causes of male infertility
Published on 24-08-2016 - at 01:33' by Elcrema

Most men still think infertility is a female problem and they are so wrong. Males just as females can have infertility issues and its important males know what can cause these infertility problems.

Below are 7 common causes of male infertility

1. Diet:

Your diet can affect your infertility so it’s important you eat the right foods. Deficiency in vitamin C and zinc can affect a man’s fertility. So if you want to protect your fertility, daily exercise and a nutrient-rich diet will help.

2. Environmental factors:

Environmental factors can also affect a man’s infertility. Exposure to mercury, pesticide, second-hand smoke and radiation can wreck a man’s fertility. Working safely around these exposures is important.

3. Lifestyle habits:

Your lifestyle can have an adverse effect on your fertility. You should ensure you live a healthy lifestyle if you want to avoid male infertility. Use of recreational drugs, excessive drinking, smoking can decrease a man’s sperm count and mobility of sperm cells. Use of laptops on your laps can affect your sperm production due to the temperature the laptop generates. Being a vegetarian can also affect a man’s fertility according to research.

4. Age:

Age can also affect a man’s fertility. Even though males have longer fertility period than females, it doesn’t last for ever. As males age, the quality of their sperm is affected.

5. Medical conditions:

Some medical conditions can affect a man’s fertility. Obesity, kidney disease and a condition known as immunological infertility where a man’s body attacks his sperm for unknown reasons.

6. Abnormalities in the sperm :

Abnormalities in a man’s sperm can affect his fertility. If the sperm count of a man is lower than 20 million/mL, the chances of his sperm fertilising an egg decreases. If the sperm is too slow, it could also be a problem as it would have difficulties fertilising an egg.

7. Hormonal issues:

Deficiency in testosterone can lead to infertility in men. Problems with hormones such as LH, FSH and androgens can affect a man’s infertility.



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