7 habits to stop if you want to live longer

Published by Elcrema
On 17 September 2016 saa 03:42
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If you want to live longer, there are certain habits you need to ditch. It’s never too late to ditch these habits and start healthy habits.

1. Smoking

If you want to live longer then you need to stop smoking. Smoking can rob you of a decade of your life so why don’t you quit today?

2. Holding a grudge

If you want to live longer then you have to learn to forgive. Holding a grudge increases your stress hormones with negative effects on your immune system, heart and metabolism. Is holding a grudge really worth it?

3. Poor quality sleep

Poor quality sleep would reduce your lifespan so you need to sleep well if you want to live longer. A good night’s sleep can help you ward off heart disease, stress and depression.

4. Processed foods

You need to stop eating mainly processed foods if you want to live longer. You are more at risk of having diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and hypertension when you consume mainly processed foods.

5. Bad relationships

Bad relationships can leave you in a negative frame of mind and put you at risk of depression. Having good relationships and staying social would help you live longer.

6. Stress

Stress should be avoided if you want to live long as too much stress may shorten your lifespan. Try to de-stress by relaxing more so you would live longer.

7. Not exercising

Exercise is important if you really want to live longer. A 2011 study found that just 15 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each day helps you live longer.