74 patients retained over failure to clear medical bills

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 18 August 2016 saa 08:29
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Nyagatare Hospital is holding 74 patients over failure to clear medical bills for various services they received at the hospital. Some of them have stayed in the hospital for almost two months.

Patients held for almost two months have said that they are kept inside a house where they lack food while others live on handouts.

The direct of Nyagatare hospital, Dr Ngabire Nkunda Philippe has told media that the decision was taken by hospital management.

“We had 74 patients last week, some of who had Mituelle de santé related problems. We have got a particular room with beds where they sleep. Arriving at their accommodation one may think they are patients; they were healed but lacked money to pay the hospital after getting discharged. Some of them do not subscribe to Mituelle de santé. We also have others owning Mituelle de santé but lacked 10% of health service payments. In fact they are here on account of different problems,” he explained.

Dr. Nkunda explained that the number of such people increases every day, posing potential danger to the hospital coffers. “More than 70 people defaulting is too much. If they are left to go scot-free without clearing debts, the hospital would incur grave losses,” he said.

Retaining recovered patients at the hospital will motivate them to seek rescue from relatives. Patients owe the hospital more Rwf 8 million accumulated over the past three years,” added Dr Nkunda.

Among the retained patients are women who gave birth by caesarian operation, with some supposed to pay Rwf 200,000 each while others have to pay Rwf 100,000 and below.

IGIHE has talked to Nyagatare deputy vice mayor in charge of social welfare, Musabyemariya Domithile who said that they have arranged a meeting today to discuss the matter.

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